Emotions: emotional intelligence.

I have so much to write about the subject of emotions. In fact, it is all I have been thinking about for the last 34 years. Since birth. My parents always say “We don’t know how you got so emotional.” This makes me laugh now, but it used to make me feel really bad. We associate emotional people with instability, flakiness and drama. I HAVE BEEN GUILTY OF ALL OF THESE at times, but I am usually really steady, fairly reliable and I try to keep my drama well wrapped.

What gifts are associated with the emotionally intelligent? How do you become emotionally intelligent? With what does it need to mix to become really applicable intelligence?

What is the difference between an emotion and a feeling?

This weekend while on retreat at the IDP Ethan said that jealousy was a mixture of desire and aggression. What an undesirable color in that palette. I envy those who don’t experience this.

But, I have been lucky lately to experience joy, equanimity and love for the people in my community and the faces on the subway. All this to say, that my heart’s capacity is growing and more on this later. I promise.


One thought on “Emotions: emotional intelligence.

  1. “Feelings, nothing more than feelings,
    trying to forget my feelings of love.
    Teardrops rolling down on my face,
    trying to forget my feelings of love.”

    “Feeling” means touch. “Feeling” is in the skin.
    “Feelings” are rooted in touch, rooted in skin, transferrence from touch, memory of touch.

    “Emotion” is a movement–or is what moves you? Makes you JUMP like House of Pain (or just WANT TO JUMP?) (kriss-kross) It’s all at once–the movement and the mover, agitation and agitator. But EMOTION is never still: if it is still, it isn’t emotion, by definition.

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